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Lucinda A. Pepper, certified massage therapist and yoga teacher, visionary entrepreneur, has been helping people create wellness through massage,  yoga, self-care, and somatics since 1996.  She is the founder of Embodied Health, LLC (est. 2006) in St. Paul, MN.

Lucinda founded Embodied Health to explore the intersections of social issues and social change with body-based healing therapies.

Lucinda's services are trauma-informed, values-driven, inclusive, and offered to everyone with an emphasis on reaching people at the margins of the traditional yoga and massage consumer groups.

Lucinda's keenest interests include the human body and its sophisticated, wonderful nervous system; how oppression and traumatic stress affects body, mind and health; utilizing her own privilege and place in the grand scheme to benefit others; and inspiring others to work effectively toward individual and community health.

Many questions drive this intersectional exploration: "how do the dynamics of inequality/equalty and justice/oppression showing up on the table, on the mat, and in the teacher-student exchange connect with what happens in our communities?";"how does my identity and privilege, my history of trauma, and my role as yoga teacher, bodyworker, therapist, healer, visionary interact with and influence my students' and clients' complex identities?"

Lucinda is always seeking like-minded, social change-oriented, healing-driven amazing professionals to collaborate with in creating a world where we have equal opportunities to be well and we can each be influential in creating healthy economic, political, education, healthcare, and social systems.

Embodied Health, a center for individual and community healing, holds a bold vision: Body-based healing practices can counter oppression and create cultural transformation.

We believe that body-based healing including massage therapy, yoga, somatic therapy and education can effectively provide you with the body awareness, strength and resiliency necessary to challenge cultural and social injustices.  Staff at Embodied Health take the time to understand what factors shape your life, in other words, your unique composition: this includes your gender and sexual identities, race and cultural identities, disabilities, your religious and spiritual expressions, class identities, and history of traumatic stress. With this information, we shape an effective approach specific to your needs and interest in transformative healing.

We also understand that the interaction between your identity and the therapist's identity, significantly impacts the effectiveness of your healing therapy. As therapists, we aspire to provide respectful, effective services and deliver them in a manner that you can use for healing. 

Integral to our unique approach to body-based therapies, we invite you to: 

- Participate actively in shaping the structure of your
  therapeutic sessions. 
- Consider the complex intersection of your body and its responses to
   social and cultural injustices.  
- Discover how your own healing can change the way you relate to
   social issues in your communities. 
- Engage in conversation about the possibilities of utilizing your
   transformation and healing to challenge oppression and create
   healthier communities. 

Embodied Health's work and mission arise from the foundational knowledge that the microcosm (individuals) affects the macrocosm (communities), in other words, when you nurture your own health and become conscious of the intersections between health and social structures, you gain the capacity to positively influence the health of your communities.

"If healing appears to come from outside of you, it is only because you have also joined your own inner power of healing with it."
~Swami Amar Jyoti

Embodied Health, LLC is committed to our values:

  • Professional and Personal Growth and Development

          - Understanding the effects of stress and trauma, in the
            context of social inequities, on individual and community

          -Providing the highest quality of care and pursuing
           ongoing education as service providers.

          -Creating equity and accessibility: economically, culturally,
           structurally, and individually relevant services.

  • Client Education

          -Passing along effective self-care knowledge and tools
           to healthcare consumers. 

  • Sharing the Results

          -Sharing our work in our respective industries with
           colleagues, professional associations, and the world at

  • Environmental Sustainability:

          -Pursuing ecologically-friendly means of building,
           cleaning, promoting, and sourcing product for the

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